Capitalism no future - Why capitalism has no future

Capitalism’s crisis deepens - Only Marx shows why capitalism has no future.

Gathering of Trump’s authoritarian chaos team reveal that the 1% capitalist class are well aware that the greatest ever depression of ‘their’ profits cannot be revived. That capitalism cannot be revived. No accident that capitalists like Goldman Sachs and global corporate leaders are central to the team.
Common understanding of profit, the capital-wage labour relationship is the only hope that unites and empowers Working Class, the 99%, against Global 1% Capitalist Class and Trump's chaotic, divisive, aggressive and increasingly authoritarian agenda.   The very future of humanity is in the balance.

Increasing numbers are already angry and distrust existing two-party politics / politicians.  
Already, many can't understand why, everywhere they look, every country in the world, that more and more working class are suffering hardship after ever deepening hardship.  
Can't understand why 1% of the world's population just keep getting richer and richer while the working class get lower wage etc., more and more impoverished. 
Can’t understand why bankers, who caused the crash of 2007/2008, are bailed out by governments with billions  of taxpayers, working class, money.
Can't understand why billions from the public purse, working class taxes, are handed to the top 1% in society, e.g., Quantitative Easing. TARP. etc.
Can’t understand why these self-same governments impose massive austerity on working class,  while bankers’ bonuses and salaries just keep growing.  Growing Inequality.
Can’t understand why these self-same governments privatise the public sector, shut hospitals, close care homes, under-fund all public services bringing abject misery to the working class. e.g., NHS, ACA.
Can’t understand why society only benefits the rich class.
Whilst, for the working class, the daily struggle just to manage becomes harder and increasingly harder.

The global economic crisis i.e., NO ORGANIC GROWTH of the profits of the capitalist class, 1%, deepens.  Capitalist class political domination has no real opposition, globally.  Their plundering of the public purse and savaging of working class wages, coupled with massive austerity have, at the expense of the working class, artificially assisted the continuation of the capitalist class. 

We see that, already, Populism, the working class, have undermined existing 2-party politics, politicians.  
Many, including Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have read Marx and understand the deepening crisis of capitalism.  Understanding of profit empowers the working class to politically challenge the capitalist class, 1%.

Reviews: ebook 'Marx: Capitalism No Future'

I recommend anyone to get MrDrysdales user friendly version of theory of Capital.
Many many thanks JD ... see -- and throw away your misconceptions and prejudices on what money is .
VERY USER FRIENDLY - Marx's Das Capital - explained simply- - discard your prejudices - Marx's theory is as revolutionary as general relativity. Its profound yet not intuitive to the lay person . Thanks Mr Drysdale

b) As '...capitalist society continues to move from crisis to ever deepening crisis', by condensing the essential essence of Marx, Drysdale gives a detailed explanation of the capitalist mode of production with its sole aim of driving profit and, in so doing, offers an understanding and consciousness of the current state of globalisation, as well as where humanity is headed. As we live through severe decline, as capitalism declines, we are seeing that global anti-capitalist consciousness increases. This book offers a path to that consciousness as an essential understanding of capitalism, the 'injuries of profit', and, ultimately, why it has 'no future' and must lead to a higher form of society, socialism, bloody as that path may be...

c) Just what we, the working class need to understand why things are getting worse in many areas of our lives.

Tony Benn: "It is wholly wrong to blame Marx for what was done in his name, as it is to blame Jesus for what was done in his" - 1982 during a TV interview

Tony Benn:
' The real division in society is between those who create the wealth by working and those who own the wealth. Those who own the wealth have far too much power and they use it to control those who create the wealth.'

The Telegraph 
Jeremy Corbyn: Britain can learn from Karl Marx
Veteran Left-winger says he wants to become Labour leader and then Prime Minister so he can nationalise the railways and put a new tax on 'massive'salaries.
Jeremy Corbyn has declared his admiration for Karl Marx as he insisted he wants to be Labour leader and ultimately Prime minister.
America's most prominent Marxist economists backs Bernie
February 23, 2016
The Bernie list of economists who endorse his financial program includes Richard D. Wolff who has been listed as 'America's Most Prominent Marxist Economist'
Wolff has been quoted as being thrilled that Bernie Sanders isn't 'shying away from the label socialist.
Perhaps Bernie Sanders is meant to redeem the old monster and reintroduce him to the American left. By putting up this list on his campaign website, Bernie Sanders is openly touting his support from 'America's Most Prominent Marxist Economist'. That should have been beyond the pale not too long ago, but once Socialism comes through the door, Marxism hitches a ride to America long with it.

Couple Jeremy Corbyn's words to the Telegraph with the following and we see why Corbyn is demonised by the Privileged Few, capitalist class, and their GOVERNMENTS and media and global army of supporters:

Award-winning film director Ken Loach just proved beyond doubt that the BBC is brainwashing the British Public. He claimed that Corbyn in particular is under attack because he 'is a real threat to capital'. The profits and money-making ability of private interests, Loach claimed would be impeded under a Corbyn-led government.

Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are aware, that when the Working Class understand Capitalism then, the Working Class are empowered to become an unstoppable political force. They are aware, that, equipped with understanding of profit, the capital-wage labour relationship  the Working Class see the realities of capitalist class relations.  Sanders and Corbyn understand why the Working Class are absolutely correct to be angry and to distrust existing capitalist class 2-party politics / politicians etc. etc.

James Connolly: 'Governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.'

Bernie Sanders:
‘Today, the United States is No.1 in corporate profits, No.1 in CEO salaries, No.1 in childhood poverty and No.1 in income and wealth inequality in the industrialized world.’

Warren Buffett, billionaire:
'There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning.'
As quoted in 'In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class is Winning' by Ben Stein, in The New York Times (26 November 2006)

Marx continues
 to be demonised by the capitalist class,the privileged few, precisely because he provides the working class with the devastating truth that reveals exactly how the use of working class labour power is, and has been exploited for 300+ years.  The truth that reveals to the working class exactly how exploitation of the use of their labour power, 'unpaid labour' is the ONLY source of the massive profits, i.e., the fabulous wealth, and the political domination of the capitalist class aka the privileged few, aka the establishment, aka the elite, aka owners, aka bosses, aka the 1%.  
Marx wrote only for the working class and throughout his life did his utmost to reveal this truth to the working class.  For this, the capitalist class, the privileged few, persecuted Marx. Marx did and still does terrify the capitalist class.  The capitalist class do and say anything to prevent the working class from reading Marx.  Including blaming Marx for the birth of vicious, mass-murdering, anti-working class regimes controlled by ruthless, totally authoritarian dictators. e.g, Stalin, Mao etc.

Tony Benn: "It is wholly wrong to blame Marx for what was done in his name, as it is to blame Jesus for what was done in his" - 1982 during a TV interview

Marx reveals to the working class that the source of capitalist class profit is NOT buying cheap and selling dear, NOT rip-off, NOT greed and NOT a conspiracy.  

Marx's devastating  revelation is: that the single source that determines the relations of domination and servitude in our class society 'is' the exploitation of the use of the labour power of the working class, i.e., unpaid labour.  The ONLY source of capitalist class, the 1%s Profits.  This revelation continues to  terrify the Privileged Few, the Capitalist Class.  

Equipped with this truth, the working class are empowered to politically challenge the capitalist class.   Meanwhile, as the crisis of  capitalist class profits deepens, (aka the global economic crisis NO ORGANIC GROWTH OF PROFITS of 1%) then, the capitalist class do what their political domination allows to assist the continuation of 'their' class:  
Plunder the Public Purse (working class taxes) to bail out 'their' insolvent banks. Q.E. to hand billions to the very top. (working class taxes). Lower working class wage, austerity etc. etc. And, capitalist governments shed buckets of crocodile tears as 'their' actions make millions of working class lives an absolute living hell.  Fighting for the survival of 'their' class, the capitalist class, 1%, MUST and will continue, solely in their class interests, attack the working class, 99%.  Global DEPRESSION will not end leading to stock-market collapse

Warren Buffett, billionaire:
'There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning.'
As quoted in 'In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class is Winning' by Ben Stein, in The New York Times (26 November 2006)

When the rate of profit falls to unacceptable levels (e.g. the so-called economic crisis, no growth of profit) the capitalist class will not invest their capital.  The factories are there, the raw materials are there but because the capitalist class can’t realise acceptable growth in the rate of profit from the exploitation of the use of working class labour power, workers are outside of the factory gates - lay-offs and redundancies and closures.   Firing the working class gives the capitalist class, the privileged few, total control over working class lives.   

In these times of the crisis of the growth of capitalist class profits, i.e., a so-called economic crisis, the capitalist class, ably assisted by capitalist class governments, do everything that they can to 'artificially' raise their rate of profit.  Lower wages / salary for the working class means potential for higher rate of profit for the capitalist class.  (globally, 10+ years) 

We see then, that from capitalist class point of view 'an economy' is measurement of how well or not 'their' profits are growing. 

To that end, we see the Global Privileged Few, 1%, Capitalist Class attack wages / conditions of The Working Class:
For working class:  little or no wage rise, 10+ years, (including within public sector)  longer hours, zero hours contracts, redundancy, absolute minimum wage,  undermining trade union activity, employing cheaper waged less skilled workers who require an absolute minimum of costly training,  replacing full time workers with part time workers,   outsourcing jobs to cheaper workers,  merging their companies to make workers redundant,  minimum thought to global pollution i.e., would cost some profit for the capitalist class to make their factories less polluting, (e.g., see capitalist class global corruption of car emissions)  l
owering corporate taxes, selling cheaply manufactured foods that the capitalist class are well aware affect health, price fixing,  etc.  etc.  etc. 

Capitalist class government, government of the privileged few, shed buckets of crocodile tears while 'their' actions make millions of working class lives an absolute living hell, solely in the interests of assisting the continuation of the capitalist class, 1%.  

In the 2007 / 8 financial collapse the  capitalist class bailed-out 'their' banks etc.  Today central banks are bankrupt, another 'bail-out' impossible.  Capitalist class, as usual, have contingency plans.  Possibly including 'bail-in'.  Referred to as ICE-9.  

Bernie Sanders' policies and Jeremy Corbyn's 10 pledges challenge 'policies for profit' of the capitalist class.  Challenge capitalism for the working class, challenge the continued existence of the capitalist class.

Massive and relentless cut backs, austerity, in the provision of public services including health, education, care, etc, is an attempt by the capitalist class, the privileged few, to open up the public sector to privatisation, profit.  An increasing degree of commercialisation opens up the public sector to national and international capitalist class companies. Working Class absolutely no say.  No political power and, obviously, no 'real democracy' in capitalist class society.  And, it shows.

Marx shows the Working Class that whether in good times for capitalist class rate of profit or in so-called economic crisis, with little or no growth in the rate of profit, the exploitation of the use of working class labour power, unpaid labour, is the source of working class hardship and oppression. 

Tony Benn:
' The real division in society is between those who create the wealth by working and those who own the wealth.  Those who own the wealth have far too much power and they use it to control those who create the wealth'.

Early Shakeout at 'Our Revolution'-Bernie Sanders's New Nonprofit...
30 Aug 2016-Non Profit News For Non-Profit Organisations NonProfit Quarterly...
Former presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders August 24 2016, 
Our Revolution vows to set out with three main goals: to revitalize American democracy by bringing millions of both working and young individuals into the political system; empower the next generation of progressive leaders; and elevate political consciousness by educating the public about issues confronting the country.

Tony Benn:
' It would be as unthinkable to try to construct the Labour Party without Marx as it would be to establish university faculties of astronomy, anthropology or psychology without permitting the study of Copernicus, Darwin or Freud, and still expect such faculties to be taken seriously' 1982
Tony Benn:
'To be embarrassed by socialism was very much a characteristic of New Labour'  On Tony Blair and New Labour.  

Ken Loach is absolutely correct, Jeremy Corbyn's 10 pledges attack, on behalf of The Working Class, 'the policies for profit' of the Privileged Few, the Capitalist Class, the 1%.

Capitalist Class, Privileged Few, 1% remain terrified of Marx:
Question Time:  To John McDonnell, are you or have you ever been a Marxist?  Demonising a long-dead philosopher.   (just like McCarthyism in USA, in the 1950's)  
The Question Time panel, including the presenter, supporters of the Privileged Few.  Their 'policies for profit' must never be questioned.

John McDonnell:
Shadow Chancellor told the audience at Labour party conference they no longer have to 'whisper' the word socialism 

Marx's Capital, although rewarding, can be laborious.  Marx had much information to reveal to the working class. 

ebook  'Marx: Capitalism No Future' restates, in an abridged and easy to read manner, the basic argument of Capital.   Marxist categories are used within the text. 
Total word count 19, 547.  Pages 71.  Price £4.99 hopefully to allow unemployed, OAPs, students to read Marx.

Endorsements for 'Marx: Capitalism No Future':  

The late Tony Benn thought 'Marx: Capitalism No Future' relevant, and wished it well.

Faraz Khan:    (
 In our U.K. one would think that school children are taught the principles of the money system.  You would think secondary schools would teach 'socialist theory' as well as 'religious studies' and 'business studies'.  

We learn Catholicism; Protestantism; The Methodists; Sunni-Shia; Buddhism; Hinduism; Taoism etc.  But I do not think the UK curriculum contains much Philosophy of any kind in fact?  Furthermore:  

Students are *not* taught the maths of money theory- the capitalist system;  the criticism of it by ; Marx's Theory; described in a very academic and remote book: 'Das Kapital- in German' or 'Capital' in English. The public is put off investigating what Marx said, due to a received prejudice that says: Marx is linked solely with bloody revolution and murder; the Stalinist Purges and Russian Peasant Famine.

In fact , Marxist Monetary Theory is *not* the same as Russian Revolutionary Communism or 'Marxism'. see http//

Therefore; if you want to understand it quickly and simply - (for the lay-person one could say)- see WWW.CAPITALISMNOFUTURE.CO.UK

Editorial Committee  From: Nisha Bolsey:
Subject: Your Submission to Haymarket Books
Sent: Thu, Feb 18, 2016 5:53:19 PM

Dear Jim,

We've just completed our review of Marx: Capitalism No Future and found it to be a compelling project, but one that we must regrettably decline. We love the idea of the book, but unfortunately, the resource limitations of being an independent publisher make it impossible for us to give it the attention that would be necessary to make it as widely received as possible. It is our sincere hope that your manuscript finds a home with another press better positioned to do it justice. 

Thanks for submitting to Haymarket.  
Best of luck to you.
Nisha Bolsey. 
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Comment On Capitalism:
March 12, 2011
Albert Einstein in his essay Why Socialism? 1949
Albert Einstein on Private Concentrations of Wealth:
Private capital tends to become concentrated in few hands, partly because of competition among the capitalists, and partly because technological development and the increasing division of labor encourage the formation of larger units of production at the expense of the smaller ones. The result of these developments is an oligarchy of private capital the enormous power of which cannot be effectively checked even by a democratically organized political society. This is true since the members of legislative bodies are selected by political parties, largely financed or otherwise influenced by private capitalists who, for all practical purposes, separate the electorate from the legislature. The consequence is that the representatives of the people do not in fact sufficiently protect the interests of the underprivileged sections of the population. Moreover, under existing conditions, private capitalists inevitably control, directly or indirectly, the main sources of information (press, radio, education). It is thus extremely difficult, and indeed in most cases quite impossible, for the individual citizen to come to objective conclusions and to make intelligent use of his political rights.
Karl Marx
“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”

Tony Benn:
‘The real division in society is between those who create the wealth by working and those who own the wealth. Those who own the wealth have far too much power and they use it to control those who create the wealth'.

Jeremy Corbyn:
“Who seriously believes that the Tories could ever stand up to the privileged few? They are the party of the privileged few, funded by the privileged few, for the benefit of the privileged few," Corbyn said.

"Are we prepared to take on the enormous political power of the billionaire class or do we continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy?"
~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

The Privileged Few,  the 1%, the Capitalist Class, are a global class in themselves and for themselves.   Sole aim, 'their' profit.
However, we see in USA, UK etc. etc., the working class are challenging the political status quo.  We see 'The Politics Of Rage'.  Everywhere, the historical two-party political system is disintegrating.

As Capitalism's crisis deepens and the working class increasingly understand capitalism, i.e., become increasingly aware of 'class realities' then, the working class become a class in themselves and for themselves.

Increasingly, they will:
Think Class Realities and Talk Class Realities.  

For full explanation of:
value (money) wage / salary, profit, capital, competing capitals, class, exploitation (unpaid labour), recession, depression, economic crisis, minimum wage, poverty, austerity, inequality, mass unemployment, privatisation, class struggle, the trajectory of capital, capitalism, capitalist society, see:
ebook 'Marx: Capitalism No Future' 

Today, in deepening DEPRESSION, if the working class the 99% do not come to understanding of the source and nature of profit, the capital - wage labour relationship then, although not identical to 1930's the capitalist class, the 1%, will, collectively, do all that they can do and must do for their capitalist class survival  - control the working class, the 99%.

Lucy Parsons (1853 - 1942) has a word of caution for today's working class:
'Never be deceived that the rich will permit you to vote away their wealth'

The road to Socialism will continue to be bloody.









Page 2 - 39 The essence of capitalist society

Page 40 - 54 Change in capitalist society

Page 55 - 65 Media comment

Page 66 The Injuries of Profit


Page 31    We shall now see why profit is not rip-off, not buying cheap and selling dear, not greed and not a conspiracy.
page 53  For the personifications of capital, the ruling capitalist class, there is no alternative to the status quo, profit.   And this, no matter how dire the consequences.  Capitalism comes to its end pouring with blood. 

"Jim Drysdale’s work shows the passion of somebody who just will not swallow one spoonful of the capitalist propaganda that surrounds

...nor will he shut up and pretend that it isn’t there"

His poetry reads as if driven by the frustration of someone who can’t rest until others see what is going on, and who holds this is merely and clearly a job of going ‘back to basics’.  This is a poetry that you won’t find in most of the poetry magazines – putting a point of view, standing by it, and trying to make the reader see.  There’s a long tradition of that, in Scotland as elsewhere, and this is a very welcome new arrival.

- Tom Leonard

Featuring poems such as

Conviction politics
A class act
Councils of war
Freedom's Path
And many more



The crisis of capital, capitalist society, continues.

'Marx: Capitalism No Future'        (extracts)

The following offers an explanation of our society, capitalist society. Capitalist society is a class society. When we’re at work we labour. Capitalist society is a mass producing mass consuming of commodities society. Commodities, things, include all machines and technology.
In order that we gain understanding of capitalist society that goes beyond appearance, we have to investigate the following categories:


Capital, although rewarding, can be laborious.  ‘Marx: Capitalism No Future’ restates, in an easy to read manner, the basic argument of Capital. The text makes use of Marxist categories, their use effortlessly bringing the reader to awareness of the essence of change in capitalist society. Daily, we are offered statistics to explain change. Never are we told the source, the nature, of change in society. Marx scientifically (dialectically) reveals that it is the movement of the categories that bring change, change that ensures that capital, capitalism, capitalist society are not eternal.  That is, the very activity of capital's own laws of motion are the source of the decline of capital.  And, as daily existence is rapidly revealing to all, capitalist society continues to move from crisis to ever deepening crisis.

"The bosses tend to ignore any costs that undermine the rate of profit"

Karl Mathiesen and Arthur Neslen
Wednesday 23rd September 201507.46 BST

VW scandal caused nearly 1m tonnes of extra pollution, analysis shows emissions could have far greater impact in Europe, where almost half passenger cars are diesel, than the US.   Company bosses to meet on Wednesday to decide response to emissions-rigging scandal.  Pollution from 11m rigged cars would be about the same as the UK’s combined emissions for all power stations, vehicles, industry and agriculture.





the owners of the world attend this self-same place,  why they go and what they do, an entirely different race.

not for these a weekly wage,            

this they’d merely scoff at.

their only reason to be there,

to give birth to a profit.

strange thought, two worlds existing in one place,

but what you see is what you get,

this is the human race.

so there it is a swirling sphere and none of us get off it,

and day by day and year by year,

the only purpose…..profit.


THE IRON LAW       of profit


 The industry’s suffering,’ the spokesman said,

As the axe falls on the worker’s head.

Consolidation’s the name of the game,

trading’s hard and no-ones to blame.’

The axe falls on the worker, all the same.


As the workers take their final pay 

The Development Agency must have its say 

The economy’s weak, short of the black,  

our strategy’s sound, we’ll soon bounce back.’

The worker carries an empty sack,

Home to a family down a lonely track.


The local MP is fighting fit,

My constituents don’t deserve this hit,

Questions will be asked’

and answers won’t come,

But 72K is a princely sum for weasel-words among cosy chums.


The Task Force sails-in blowing wind

We’ll search near and far for a buyer’.

Boarding planes to faraway lands

Their expenses get higher and higher.

The worker looks in, to a dying fire.


These crocodile tears collectively shed

Prepare the axe for the worker’s head,

As the waxing mouths creep on their way

The IRON LAW can have its day

And all but the worker have had their say,

But the company’s saved, on unprofitable pay.




From - Capitalism No Future - Page 48
"The bosses tend to ignore any costs that undermine the rate of profit"

See e.g.,  Capitalist lies about car emissions world wide. The costs to capitalists to cure this problem would have threatened their rate of profit.


As the crisis of capitalist society deepens:- corruption in banks, in oil companies, and in the car industry. More still to show.    Capitalists  consider only their rate of profit.